Monday, January 21, 2008

Sameach Music: Releasing Star Studded Album

As Chaim points out Sameach Music is getting ready to release an All-Star Album entitled "The 8th Note":

"Coming soon from Yossi Green and Yossi Tyberg. A brand new CD featuring all new songs composed by Yossi Green. This CD titled "The 8th Note" will include some of the biggest names in Jewish music singing all new songs composed by one of the most successful composers in Jewish Music. Each song will feature a different singer, the line up of stars includes:

Avraham Fried, Mordechai Ben David, Cantor Yitzchok Meir Helfgot, Lipa Schmeltzer, Shloime Gertner, Ohad, Lev Tahor, Chaim Yisroel, AKA Pella (with music!) and a few more surprises. The CD will be in stores very soon. Stay tuned to Sameach Music's website for updates, the debut of the cover, and audio samples ... "

Maybe they should just call it Yossi & Yossi? The idea for this CD is fantastic but I would have preferred to see more than one composer on this album. I love Y. Green's compositions and he's truly gifted but as of late he doesn't put out as many blockbusters as he used to.


Inside Man said...

This is Yossi Green's CD. It's sort of a sequel to Shades of Green. So - why would he use other composers? I haven't heard any of it yet, but from every one who has heard it they have been raving non stop about it. (I think he's been saving his good stuff for this CD)

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Inside, good point but I thought maybe sameach put it together but as you said it's his creation so he should compose it all.