Monday, December 17, 2007

Jewish Music Poll Closed and the Winners Are..

The Poll for the Best New Jewish Music Cd had Yitzy Spinner and Aryeh Kunstler neck in neck. Click here for the final tally.


Moshe said...

Wow - pretty tight there. Both are great albums - its fitting they were so close.

Jewish Blogmeister said...


I concur.

Anonymous said...

Isaac Bittons Sons and Yossi Piamentas son, have a
band and are playing together Monday dec 24 at BB King
in a highly anticipated show of "the next generation
of jewish rockers".

When their threads converged, four wandering musicians
together spun a new groove. It was a natural and
perhaps inevitable occurrence in which musical
heritage was embraced just as old ties re-emerged. A
little over a year ago, two sons of a Moroccan-Rock
legend committed themselves to creative continuity.
Dividing the musical inheritance they received from
their singer- drummer dad, Israel Bitton took hard and
fast to the drums while Yechiel Bitton explored the
rising sound of his chords. Isaac Bitton, who had
stolen the scene in 70s Europe with his Rock n Roll
band “Les Variations,” watched proudly as his kids
carried on the pulsating rhythms of his old Morocco,
ultimately creating a sound of soulfulness and joie de
vivre. But the picture was half-drawn before the
Bitton brothers reconnected with an old friend. In 80s
New York, Isaac Bitton had befriended singer-guitarist
Yossi Piamenta, sometimes collaborating with the
high-spirited, Hendrix-like musician. Now, it was
Piamenta’s son, Yuda, who was to carry the torch. With
personal flair that belied his age, guitarist Yuda
Piamenta brought the artistic tradition of his father
to the burgeoning band. Together, Yossi Piamenta and
Isaac Bitton witnessed a reunion of the next
generation. Another connection drew a fourth member
from his corner of the world. When Yuda Piamenta
introduced bass player Nachum Bloom to the group, the
vision solidified, and Rock of David was born.
Although a soft and seamless induction, the addition
of Nachum to the group instantly raised Rock of David
to its point of entrance. In a similarly seamless
manner, the band made its groundbreaking debut.