Friday, December 14, 2007

Jewish Music Poll: Your Favorite CD

Poll Now Closed:

Winners Are:

1st place- Yitzy Spinner- 81 Votes

2nd Place- Aryeh Kunstler- 78 Votes

3rd Place- Hasc #20-10 Votes

4rth Place- PRUZ- 5 Votes

5th Place- 2nd Dance- 3 Votes

6th Place- Yosef Chaim Bloch-2 Votes


hopefool said...

What about Yaakov Chesed?!

Jessica said...

What about Six13 Volume II?

A Yehuda Green Fan (this is not yehuda green) said...

what about yehuda green???

dov said...

wow, pretty darn close for two totally different albums!

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Very true dov

Anonymous said...

These polls are so far from the truth. People can vote many times. This blog is pushing that Spinner album so of course he wins. I personally think Pruzbol is the best out there.
Best of luck!

dov said...

Anon - you're absolutely brilliant!
Despite the fact that you make no sense when you're saying that this blog is pushing Spinner's album, because Kunstler also made quite a stand in these polls.
For the record the poll disables you from voting from one computer multiple times.
Obviously both Spinner and Kunstler either have a lot of fans or they have a lot of friends going and voting for them.
Im glad you think Pruz is the best - and I'm sure you voted for him. Fact is, this blog itself had nothing to do with the final rankings.
People went ahead and voted, regardless if they did it once or 3 times.
Somehow no one went and did that for Pruz.
(Who is also great - dont get me wrong)

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Dov is absolutely correct I enabled cookies on this poll for that very reason. I actually know PRUZ fairly well. If that's who voted that's who voted.

YK said...

I'm the other pruz voter (once)