Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Solved!:Gas Grill Problem: Finally!

Well I'm glad to announce that my gas grill dilemma has been solved. After exhaustively searching the web for information I finally found (what will hopefully be) the best grill for the money (without killing my piggy bank). I opted for the BBQ Grillware from Lowes at just$169.00 (pic left). This review is what pushed me out to buy it and even if he's wrong for the price I'm not losing too much sleep. I also managed to find a 10% coupon online for further savings. You can sign up for the coupon here. I didn't feel like waiting for it so I used this printable one. Here was the funny part: even though it came up as "already redeemed", they brought over a manager and he overrode the system and let me use it, no problem.It might be because of something I found on a post regarding someone who never got the coupon via mail after registering:I didn't get my coupon so I called 1-800-44-LOWES. They told me to just go to the store, get the store manager and have them call the 800# and they'd give them a barcode for me to use my coupon instantly without ever having received it! Either way I was happy with my result, I'll let you know how it goes.


The Town Crier said...

check out the new economical, environemntal solar powered missior bbqs

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Are you sure you spelled that right? I could not find what you were talking about.