Tuesday, December 19, 2006

J Blogger Interview: Featuring LakeVent!

I'm pleased to introduce another one of my favorite bloggers: Lakevent ! If you have missed my other recent J Blogger interviews click here. Now you can finally find out some of the secrets of this famous town in NJ: Lakewood!

JBM: What are some of the best things about living in Lakewood?

LakeVent:The air in Lakewood is fresher and cleaner than in big cities. In Lakewood people actually know each other and care for one another, something you don't always have in New Yorkor other big cities. There is no shortage of Kosher food and services in Lakewood. Besides for certain times in certain areas there usually isn't much of a traffic or parking problem in Lakewood, and when I get home at night I have a driveway to park my cars! Not to mention I have grass and trees near my house.

JBM: what is your favorite "chumra"?

LakeVent:I am not into chumras. I have a hard enough time doing the things I am supposed to do without the added burden of extra chumras. But i do try to say the "Zayins" in krias shma with extra PiZZaZZ to outdo the brisker sitting next to me in shul (10:00 am minyan of course)

JBM: If you could change anything about Lakewood what would it be?

LakeVent:I would have people care more about the character of others and care less about the outward appearance of everyone else. Unfortunately in Lakewood many people rush to judge everyone else based on shirt/hat color etc.

JBM:Tell us a bit about your family any kids etc..

LakeVent:Well, I cannot tell you much without revealing a little about my identity (which I must be careful to protect, otherwise the Lakewood Internet Police will be after me). Let me just say that I have a nice wife and beautiful children.

JBM: Has anyone in Lakewood figured out who you are?

LakeVent:I hope not.

JBM: You are currently listening to what Jewish Album?

LakeVent:The new Uncle Moishy CD is currently playing in my car (my kids won't let me listen to anything else). But when they aren't looking I am listening to the new Shlomo Simcha Cd.

JBM: You mention on your blog that it is a kind of therapy for you. Do you still find it to be the case?

LakeVent:Absolutely. Not every time I post is this the case, but many times i do post for the therapeutic aspect of blogging.

JBM:Who is your favorite maggid shiur?

LakeVent:In Lakewood? I would have to say Rabbi Simcha Bunim Kohen. In general? I enjoy Rabbi Tatz.

JBM: When will you continue your "Life in Kollel" story?

LakeVent:I get a lot of emails asking me to continue. Honestly, I think I made my point with the first installation, and there really isn't any point in doing part 2. What good can come out from continuing the story? The idea has been spoken, the actual story needs not to be told again.

JBM:Do you actually learn in Kollel?

LakeVent:No, I actually work for a living.

JBM:If you remember I had a post about a fellow who goes around Lakewood selling "ban the internet" bumper sticker for $5. Have you ever seen that man?

LakeVent:I have never seen that man nor have I ever seen such a bumper sticker. The most common Bumper sticker in Lakewood is the Oorah green ribbon which for some reason people feel possessed to place on their cars.

JBM:What's the funniest thing about living in Lakewood

LakeVent:Good question. Never really found anything about living here"funny" per se. I guess the fact that people can dedicate their lives to dreaming up chumras and ways to outdo their neighbors frumkeit is pretty funny.

JBM:Are there any other Lakewood bloggers?

LakeVent:There are lots of Lakewood bloggers. Many of them identify themselves as such, but many hide the fact that they are from Lakewood. Some simply don't post where they are from (but it is self evident many times) and some actually post their hometown as NY, Monsey or some other heavily Jewish city. Why someone would hide that fact is beyond me.

JBM:If you could be any type of black hat, what would it be.....

LakeVent:I don't particularly like black hats, but if I had to choose one it would definitely be the Hamburg! They are so cool.

JBM:What kind of wicks do you use on your menorah?

LakeVent: I am old fashioned when it comes to these things. I don't use the ready made pre-wicked (is that a word?) kind. I roll my own cotton and place them in metal holders. They don't burn as nicely or evenly but I enjoy "doing it yourself"


kasamba said...

Great Expose!

Let's hear it for the Blogmeister!

AS said...

Why thank you ::bowing::

Neil Harris said...

Great interview!

smb said...

I echo that. Excellent

Anonymous said...

great interview!

mother in israel said...

Great interview!! Do you plan on interviewing female bloggers as well?

AS said...

I don't know if my wife would let me.....

Renegade Kosher said...

This really is a nifty project! ^^

Anonymous said...

great interview, a little peak into the life of lakewood venter! how interesting!

Anonymous said...

wow. I am honored that so many people actually enjoyed what I had to say! Perhaps I should interview YOU one day too!

Anonymous said...

Your interviews help people to understand and know other Jbloggers JBM. Blogging to a certain extent is somewhat removed from the process of meeting people directly and getting to know them.

Your interviews bring a personal dimension to those 'names' on our blogrolls.

There is one omission,one blogger that I have yet not seen an interview for?

The question is not when, but rather who should interview the interviewer?

Who do people think would be a good interviewer for JBM?

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