Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jewish Music Gossip: New Album Release

I just wanted to keep you guys informed of the latest Jewish Music album currently in the works.
I have it on good authority that Yitzy Spinner is in the final stages of the production of his first solo release album and it should be available in the near future. On a side note he will also be featured on an album to be released very soon. The musicians on Spinner's album will feature the likes of Rick Cutler, Mike Hall, Yaron Gershovsky, and Steve Bill as well some new names.


Anonymous said...

Dovi Small has released a New Debut Album called Korov Hashem.
It is Produced and Arranged by Daniel Greenwood.You can hear some songs on the Blog.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Greenwood The Artist who made the CD, Mayim Ad Nofesh available through Galpaz has his own Blog site.
You can hear some songs of his on the Blog