Friday, July 30, 2010

Pioneers for a Cure: The Israeli Sessions Volume 1

Pioneers for a cure, a platform for artists to fight cancer has produced an album entitled the "Israel Sessions Volume 1". The CD is produced by the famous Greg Wall who has graced his presence at many Jewish weddings  and is one of my favorite saxophone players. The music here are classic Israeli songs that have been redone by famous Israeli singers such as  Yehoram Goan. Currently there are 5 songs available for download here with more on the way. One of my favorite tracks on this Cd was track 10 featuring  Greg Wall's work with Later Prophets. The 15 songs that were featured on this CD tend to be of a guitar based arrangement that spans from contemporary ballad to classic rock to progressive to techno. Many music styles are covered so there is something for everyone. It was certainly enjoyable to listen to the well arranged and recorded album and when you preview the songs remember it goes toward a great cause.

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