Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dovid Gabay, The 8th Note and Yossi Green

As I mentioned earlier, Dovid Gabay has a new release on the way: Omar Dovid. One of the songs on this new release is entitled "hagomel" and is composed by Yossi Green. Yossi Green is also releasing his own creation namely "the 8th note" and both albums are reported to be available in stores within 3-4 weeks. If you haven't heard the sneak peek of Gabay's new hit song "hagomel" or the 8th note's "Layudim" you can download it here on the Sameach Music Podcast. I liked hagomel a lot, although I didn't like the mix on the synth they used: it sounded a bit brash (distortion) but perhaps that's the vibe they were looking for. Yossi Green has shown that with both Hagomel and even more so perhaps with Layihudim he is looking to move his songwriting in a different direction and reinvent himself. This may offend some of the very yeshivish types who will most likely say it's too "goyish" but something has to be done here. Jewish music can't forever stay in the 70's and 80's. Kudos to Yossi Green.


Anonymous said...

I agree that synth sound is terrible.

Simon said...

check the new album of dovid stein

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Simon, Thanks for leading everyone to a broken website. The songs listed don't even play. The album has been pushed and is still not in stores. Things like that are just wasting marketing dollars and just annoy people really.