Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hasc #20 Presents: Dovid Gabay Video!

Brought to you by our friends at Sameach Music:HASC 20 ARTIST SPOTLIGHT - Dovid Gabay!


Reader said...

the sound is way off the visual and is not in sych with his mouth, its so clear. either bad studio mixing or bad studio overdubs (because most direct live recordings are awful anyway...unless there was lip synching but i dont think anyone in hasc shows would ever try that following the ybc 'live' harmony fiasco if hasc 18)

Sruly said...

The audio and video is off because the program I use to rip the DVD to a mpeg that I can edit in the software I use to make these samplers is not good. I need to either fix the settings or get a better program.

Anonymous said...

THIS is the great Dovid Gabay???
He is so cliche! Just like everyone else! A big tie knot, expensive glasses frames, big velvet kipa in the middle, the type of voice and look comeplete with the "belly ache" dance moves. Whats so special about him? Because he has a bag pipe in a song?
He looks like he is trying to be Shwekey.

These guys are all the same boring act.

Jewish Blogmeister said...


Your a poet and didn't even know it?