Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jewish Music: Battle of the Blogs

Well this is certainly an interesting development. Jewish Music Blog has found himself a new critic: Another blog. Mean Jblogs Suck is taking Aryeh to task for recent comments he's made about the latest release by Yitzy Spinner (whose album was released today) as well as his overall attitude in reviewing albums. I must say that at the very least I find this new blog somewhat entertaining as a good come back to unfair criticisms. While I understand the intent of this new Jblogger, it may just give more attention to his nemesis. The blog is very harsh with it's introduction:I've got some news for those losers, I'm here to put an end to your party.The author was referring to Jbloggers that knock albums with their critique and hide behind the anonymity of blogs. Although I truly can appreciate his ideas the overall tone is so angry in my mind one loses credibility when you over do it.Although I'm certainly not JMB's biggest fan I ask of this paragaraph: Jewish Music Blog has no credibility and if he knew the financial loss he is causing Yidden who are trying very hard to create Kosher, fun Jewish entertainment I hope he would stop his Loshan Hora filled blog. How much loss do you think a blog that is critical of so many albums and has how many visitors a day? Do you really think a) anyone takes it serious enough not to buy? b) does his traffic amount to all that much? c) Is it really loshon horah to give your opinion on something? I'm not a rabbi so perhaps to give an opinion that in theory may cause someone to think about not purchasing is loshon horah?


MeanJBlogsSuck said...

It depends on the way in which a person says those negative things about a person. It also depends on the motives those things being said come from. It depends on the tone a person uses and the terms he uses. There is a respectful way to review an album without casing embarrassment to another Yid. There is a way to review an album without telling people not to buy it.

We are not animals! We are not on MTV here, we are supposed to have Ahavas Yisroel toward each other and go out of our way to be nice, respectful and helpful.

Do you think the Chofetz Chaim would prove of Jewish Music Blogs reviews? What he has written there is pure Loshan Hora which only serves to detour a person from buying the album. He may take that responsibility lightly, it certainly seems you do. But people read these blogs. Maybe only 50 or 60 TODAY, but your reviews stay in the google search engine and over a period of 2 or 3 years thousands and thousands of people may have read those reviews.

I am not one who thinks people shouldn't be able to speak their minds. I am however of the opinion that you should think before you speak and really decide before whatever you say is important to be broadcasted to thousands of people and may cause financial harm to another Jew.

For what? To "get my thoughts out there", we are supposed to be above this. Worse of all HE didn't EVEN HEAR THE ALBUM!!

Over singing? That's not an opinion, thats just a know it all. Who decides if someone over sings? He does? I'd like to hear his music, arrogant chachom.

And after all that, even if you can still tell me you don't think Loshon Hara plays into it. Do you not feel any guilt or shame from being the cause of even ONE person NOT buying an album because it was trashed so badly on a blog purporting to a passer by to be an expert on Jewish music? A person should decide for themselves if they like an album, but if you read a review that horrible, why would you even take a chance.

We are not animals, thats what separates us from the others. Yet when you read a review on JMB's site you think he's some pretentious snobby elitist writing about sushi bars in the village for the Ny Times.

How about some personal accountability? How about taking other yidden's parnasah into account? How about some basic common decency.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Duly noted:)

Anonymous said...

What is up with these blogs dude? Can't we all just get along?! Stop the hate!

Anonymous said...

wheres the spinner album already? wasnt it supposed to be out days ago? whats going on? i wanna hear it already

Hmm.... said...

Maybe Aryeh's bad review made them decide to cancel the album!! lol. as if.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

must be!:)

YK said...

I'm also critical of JM Blog preliminary reviews, but I don't attack him as being a loser or any other adjective.

I would never start a blog just to pick on another one. That sounds quite ridiculous to me.

But lets see who will rise to victory at the end. Anyways, JM Blog hasn't had much action in the past months, so it's a non-sense battle.

Peace to all JM bloggers


Spinner Fan (who isnt spinner himself) said...

the spinner album is incredible!

the keyborad guy has no crediblity. he seems just angry and bitter.

his insults are completely unfounded and honestly make no sense.