Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Best Kept Kosher Food Secrets!

Are you aware of products that are hard to find kosher that are in fact kosher somewhere?
In this article I will reveal some of the foods I have found and you can feel free to comment and share some of yours as well!

1.Kosher Speculoos Cookie Spread 

This is very hard to find kosher unless you get it from Israel and purchase the Biscoff brand.
This can be found at Walmart which is much easier to locate and tastes great!

2. Kosher Cheddar Cheese Block 
Now if you live on the east coast this might not seem like a big deal but it's not something easily found in your regular supermarket. I found this certified kosher Tillamook cheddar cheese in a Trader Joes but it can be purchased elsewhere.It's a high quality cheese and you can click here to find it. Disclaimer: Not cholov yisroel.

3. Little Debbie Snacks

Most of the Little Debbie snack line is now OU-D! This includes their cupcakes, donuts and much more. This stuff is not great for you so enjoy it in moderation. It is available at all major supermarkets and it was cool to see them change their certification.

4. Kosher Baby Corn

In a kosher supermarket this is not a big deal but this baby corn is found at Walmart and always at a great price: $.99 each. They have full and cut baby corn too! 

What are some of your favorite kosher food secrets you find at your local supermarket?

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