Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How to save money while shopping and get an awesome deal!

My favorite websites for saving money for online purchases are Be frugal. I find this website to offer some of the best cashback deals anywhere.  The second would be Ebates. The truth is you can check both websites to see who will offer the best deal for cashback when shopping. A great application to add for chrome is the Honey app. I use it to check for the best prices on Amazon and it has a really cool price drop feature to keep an eye on prices for the future and it allows you to see how the prices have fluctuated on a particular item and much more! Another site that is great for deal finding is but I pay special attention to the hot deal forums. Of course there is always DansDeals. Truthfully the best way to take advantage of DansDeals is to add it to your twitter. This is because usually the best deals offered are gone before you sneeze. Adding the website to create a twitter alert will allow you to grab an awesome deal before it's "dead". Another interesting app is OfferUp. This App is what craigslist should have done but decided not to. Features merchandise being sold locally and you can usually find some great deals there as well. Facebook of course has local groups where you can become a member to browse local merchandise and sometimes at some serious savings. Ebay of course is nothing new and occasion you can find a flash sale of $15 off $75. What are some of your favorite websites and apps? 

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