Wednesday, January 25, 2017


It's been a while since I last posted but I thought this news was noteworthy to speak about. 

Yaakov Shwekey latest album is entitled "Those were the days". A double CD of material that is a throw back. They are classic selections of tunes that I grew up with. Click here to preview the new album! The arrangements sound very solid so this is an album worth checking out. Here is some more information on this new release: 

Yaakov refers to this album as his "favorite collection" and he writes:
the innocence of childhood, the simple joy of a different time, moments long-gone summoned back in a single note, tears and laughter all together. I've been blessed, for my life, has been filled with that music. My childhood and yeshiva years, memories of family and close friends, of cherished moments and experiences against a backdrop of exceptional song. Which is why I'm so gratified to be able to offer this album. It's my humble acknowledgement of those who've filled my world with music and given my life color and meaning. The medleys are an expression of my thanks: each one celebrates a different artist or style of music. Standing in the studio and recording these selections,every song took me back to a different place and time. In singing these songs, we live them once again: it's our hope that we can bring them back to a new generation, allowing them to feel them the way we did. And so this album is in recognition to them,
the artists, composers, producers, arrangers and musicians who created this genre, the magnificent world of Jewish music. The entire album- every album, every song I've ever sung, every breath I've ever taken- is thanks to the One who Makes Music, whose entire creation is a symphony, who has given me a million reasons to sing, Modeh ani lefanecha.

CREDITS: Produced by Yaakov Shwekey & Yitzy Waldner
Arranged by: Rafi Greidi / Ravid Kashti / Avrumi Berko
Mastered by: Ron Tichon Cover Design: KZ Creative
Public Relations: Izeek Daniel - Media
PRO Download the album lyrics at:

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