Monday, February 24, 2014

Cholov Yisroel Milk in the UK..It's Just Better?

Reading this article about Cholov Yisroel milk production in Manchester and it is quite interesting!
They want to say it tastes better than their non-supervised competition and it last long which is not something you hear about here in the USA. This part of the article was a bit unusual:

Kosher production has helped the farm survive the supermarket milk price wars which has damaged the general side of his business. Kosher milk has other advantages, he maintains. "When you buy from a supermarket, the milk is taken from different farms, mixed together and transported in one 28,000 litre tanker lorry. "It's a bit like the difference between a blended whisky and a single malt. With local kosher production you get a fuller flavour and it keeps for up to 10 days because the milk reaches customers more quickly. As modern customers, we should all demand the same standard we get with kosher food. With kosher you know exactly where your product came from. Even with FSA rules, if there is contamination in non-kosher milk it can take much longer to find the problem because the milk is being being mixed from all over the place.

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