Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Please Sign and Help a Desperate Jewish Child!

A neighbor of mine, Rabbi Yakov Cohen, has a wonderful 7 year old child who was in my youngest sons class. That is until he came down with a diagnosis of medulloblastoma. After going through chemo and surgeries the tumor has come back.Doctors are saying they have no cure for him but there may be hope with an experimental treatment.The family is asking for everyone's help in signing a petition to allow for FDA approval for compassionate use of this drug.The experimental treatment if approved is at no cost. I can assure you if anyone is worthy of your help it is this family who has given so much to the community and klal yisroel. Please say tehillim and learn for this precious child -Rafael Elisha Meyer ben Devorah. 

You can sign the petition by click here

To read more about the story click here

To help financially click hereThe money raised is to help with previous medical and living expenses. 

 Please print the flyer below to spread the word in your neighborhood!

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