Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shwekey "Cry No More": Album Review

Here is my review on Yaakov Shwekey's latest release: Cry No More


Song starts with a techno sound and moves into a hora/disco. This song is written by Yitzy Waldner and arranged by Yanky Briskman. Pros: Great driving  song with solid vocals performance. Cons: Arrangement is not bad but certainly not the most interesting. 

Grade: A-

Batuach Ani

Sax intro has that calming effect. This song is written by Elimelech Blumstein and Arranged by Yanky Briskman. This is a tune that gets better the more times you listen to it. Pros: Nice string arrangements
Cons: missing a great sax or guitar solo that might bring you tears. I just didn't get the goosebumps here.

Grade: B

Lo Yaavod

Written by Yossi Muller and Arranged by Jeff Horovich who also plays keys on this song.The song also features guitars by Metalish. I find this song the most interesting of the album and probably the least typical "Shwekey" tune, if you will. It's a slow to moderate rock tune. Pros: Great arrangements with different lyrics that haven't been sung  a million times. Nice guitar riffs. Cons: Guitar solos are just OK and I  would have enjoyed something a bit more impressive. The guitar part of the intro is kind of boring but that's just me.

Grade: A

Mi Bon Siach

Composed (backup vocals as well) by Yitzy Waldner with Arrangements by Moshe Laufer and additional Arrangements by Yanky Briskman. This ballad starts with a new age sound and moves into an arrangement filled with strings and acoustic guitar. Pros: Love the A part of this song and the B part has a nice ending.
Cons: As a ballad it's not all that different than previous ones. Strings get a bit boring after a while.

Grade: B

Hiney Anochi

Composed and Arranged by Moshe Laufer. This tune tune is heavy hitting Rock/Disco right out of the gate and has a nice drive to it. Pros: Very nice punchy horn arrangements. Cons: Not the most musically challenging tune but it's catchy.

Grade: B


Composed by Ezi Reissman and Arranged by Yanky Briskman. This ballad features strings , acoustic guitar and oboe (drums and bass of course). These arrangements are simple but nice (not exactly re-inventing the wheel). Pros: Part B is nice and the bridge has a nice but tame guitar solo. Nice choir vocals at the end of the song. Cons: a bit too predictable.

Grade: B

Rabi Nehorai

Composed by Yitzy Waldner and Elie Shwab with Arrangement by Ruvi Banet and Yanky Briskman. This song is solid from top to bottom and has all the right elements of a hit song:Great intro with guitars moving into a solid sax solo (Arkady?). Great newly sung lyrics with a great dynamic vocally and Shwekey really hits a home run with this song. They even added a bit of a sephardic element playing an Arabic styled bridge. This Disco/Hora is sure to get you dancing and should be a big hit on the wedding circuit. Pros: Great song, exciting arrangements and solos. Cons: Mix could have been a bit better perhaps a bit too much echo (I'm nit picking here?).

Grade: A+


Composed by Yizchol Rosenthal and Arranged by Yisroel Lamm featuring child soloist  is Yaakov's son: Menachem Shwekey. This ballad is not as predictable as the others and the arrangement is classic Lamm. Pros: Nice vocal dynamic ( like that last note he hits at the end) and nice violin solo.Cons: Intro a bit corny but nice child solo doesn't really add that much to the song.

Grade: B+


Composed by Pinky Weberand Arranged by Yanky Briskman. This is the frielach chassidish tune of the album and is sung in with yiddishe verte. Pros: Very lively Cons: Very Predictable.

Grade: B

Cry No More

Composed by Yitzy Waldener & Yaakov Shwekey with Lyrics by Ken Burgess & backup vocals from Yitzy Waldner. This is certainly one of the more sophisticated English songs you have probably heard thanks to Lyrics from Ken. The arrangements are also more contemporary than many. Pros: Strong vocal performances with great acoustic guitar and  piano arrangements. I enjoyed acoustic guitar solos Cons: None worth mentioning.

Grade: A

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Very good song!!
Can some one send me the lyrics of: cry, no more by Yaacok Shwekey?