Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to Lose Weight: The Right Way

Everyone has a different story when it comes to losing weight but many sound the same. You tried fad diets and just gained it all back or you exercise but nothing happens. The problem is people forget the basic science when it comes to weight loss. There is no magic to losing weight and for some it's a real challenge. The truth is when done right, it can be a lot easier. I thought if I bought a heart rate monitor to be sure I workout at a decent pace and workout 3-4 times a week I'll lose weight. That was not working well at all! The problem was the  science of real weight loss. Fat is harder to breakdown than carbs. It's a more complex molecule. Depending on the study you read you have to workout longer to burn more fat. Cardio has been shown to burn more calories than most forms of exercise, so if that's your goal you want to be considering adding plenty of cardio  to your workout regimen. 

There are studies that show how "interval training" is a very effective form of fat loss. The truth is however regardless of how you workout the one thing most agree on is if you workout you burn calories and if you burn more than you eat you are going to lose weight: it's that simple. How can you be sure you are doing that that and doing it effectively? This is where I started seeing some serious results! I download a free application that works on your smartphone or computer: . This application is a diary of everything you eat and it will tell you the calories and nutritional value of what you are eating. For smart phone users, it even has a barcode scanner! It's a truly amazing application that can literally change your way of life. Still hungry and you don't have many calories left for the day? Simply work out for a bit and eat that meal you want. Try the application and let us know how you like it.


mendel singer said...

Thank you for writing about this! We need more people in our community talking about exercising and eating healthier than we do. This is a priority issue for the Jewish Community Health Initiative , and is a common theme in the Jewish Health Blog I write.

Rachel said...

Great article and very accurate. "Eat less and healthy, exercise more, and lose a small amount of weight consistently over a long period of time" is much better idea than any of those controversial diets.