Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Houston and the Flood: Pictures

Well for those of you who aren't aware, we Housontians (that's them term for residents of Houston) got a taste of what Noah went through. There was a flash flood and it did some damage no doubt. Unlike the east coast we don't have any basements (exactly for this reason) thankfully. This picture is a view from the front of my home. In the 3 years I have lived here, this is the worst I have seen. The water surprisingly did make it into my home (even though we are on a "low flood plane") but thankfully not through the front door. Only my living room and closet got watered down. My wife thankfully was home working and worked diligently to clean up the mess.

I had parked my car in front of my garage which is on an incline but others were not as fortunate and got their cars water logged. As seen here:

Here is another view of my neighborhood during this flood:

Thankfully the rain subsided within a few hours so now we can repair damages and get back to business as usual. Thanks for watching....

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