Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Want to Keep Kosher? There is an App for That!

The Chicago Tribune has the scoop on a new app from the CRC for android phones. The point of the app is to assist users in keeping kosher dietary laws.

"Apps are part of the community," said Rabbi Dovid Cohen, the council's administrative coordinator. "We realize this is how people are getting their information and want to provide that service."

The app offers access to an extensive database of kosher product information which will help the consumers determine if a particular product is in fact kosher. For example does sugar need kosher certification? Click on foods and then scroll down to sugar and when you click you discover that white, brown and confectionery sugars do not require certification to be kosher. 

Although the Iphone version was available last year this is the first app for the android which will allow greater access to this important information to more users. They are constantly expanding their database to include more items. One thing I did notice they need to add are cereals. 

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