Thursday, May 21, 2009

Terror in NY: Barack Obama Fights Terrorists

By now you are most likely familiar with the FBI bust of a terrorist plot to bomb Jewish centers in Riverdale, NY as well as get their hands on stinger missiles to shoot down planes at the nearby Air National Guard Base at Stewart Airport. The FBI had been onto this terrorist group since June of 2008 and had sold them fake explosives which is what they were caught using. On that same note, Barack Obama is trying to sell us on the idea that using tough interrogation tactics don't work and actually weaken our security. He would like to close Guantanamo Bay citing that if we treated our enemies better they in turn may release our hostages and treat them more humanely.
We can argue back and forth about whether or not those tactics were effective but I think it's quite niave to think that our troops will be treated more fairly by these animals under any circumstances.

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David said...

I stumbled on this website called it a portal where you can search google like u always do and they donate 1 cent to chabad houses for every search!

Thought someone might be interested.