Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Beware of Sites That Steal Your Blog!

It seems that there is a website call that is stealing content off other blogs including this one by using it as a feed without any consent from the publisher! From what I gathered the owners name is Warren Davis and he sells website names .I'm publicly denouncing this man and requesting that he cease and desist immediately from using any of my content.


Anonymous said...

welcome to the internet. there are hundreds of automatic robot sites with the most obscure names that draw in feed from blogs in a variety of keyword content catagories.

do some searches for your own and see how many pop up. they do in the end drive you traffic, and only serve the robots with the generate keyword ads. its a strange phenonmenon we have seen over the last couple of years but its nothing new and seems to be all automatic. dont think anyeone goes to these sites unless results pop up in searches. whatever

Jewish Blogmeister said...

I guess I wouldn't mind it but this one doesn't connect you to the blog if you click on the header as others do. This one is much more malicious.

Chaim said...

you can shut off your rss feed, or limit it in the admin section of your blogger blog. I dont see my posts there.

Akiva said...

My personal solution to this problem is double links inside every one of my articles. It starts with...

by Me (link to me) posted at (My blog, linked)

and ends with

Posted at (my blog, linked).

So when the aggregators and splogs pick up my articles, whether with permission or not, it auto-includes the prominent links back to me.

Note, a similar format is followed by paper journalists (so and so, AP).