Monday, February 26, 2007

Jewish Music Review: R' Shmuel Brazil: Borchainu

The long awaited review is finally here for R' Shmuel Brazil's latest release: Borchainu:

Barcheinu Avinu

I love this intro: starts off with an choir with a jazzy disco that turns into brassy straight disco. This is a very catchy and singable tune that could become a hit tune hence it’s the title song. Abish Brodt bring his usual soulful style and Rabbi Brazil brings some low end singing the low part of this song. The mens choir adds a nice touch and is not so predictable that you know exactly what harmonies they will sing. This is not a typical Arrangement for Brazil’s song and it is done well.

Rating: 9/10


Piano solo intro with strings starts with vocals Ephriam Mendelson who sings like MBD. It then leads to Rabbi Brazil singing the low part. The song is very hartzig and Mendi Jerufi sings the high part well. This is a song a choson might want to walk down to.

Rating 8 1/2 / 10

Shira Chadasha

The intro is a twist from a different song which I can’t place now. This is frielach style Oompah and very easy to sing. Brazi’l sons sing here. This song can fit right into the samchenu set. The boys choir sounds tight and adds a nice blend of vocals.

Rating 7/10


A Sephardic Hora starting with Mendi Jerufi and moving into the mens choir. This song is one my favorites.

Rating 9/10

Tzur Yisroel

Intro is a bit long and starts off with vocals by Rabbi Brazil. This ballad is nice tune but perhaps not as memorable as some of the others.

Rating 6/10

Eliyahu Hanavi

Another great frielach tune with Abish and company.

Rating 8 ½ /10


Another ballad starts with a haunting melody by Rabbi Brazil. His vocals are accompanied by harmonies on the violin. The mens choir continues this beautiful niggn with nice harmony arrangements. The song builds with more intense drums and ends with Abish.

Rating 9/10

Ki Lishusocho

A oompah frielach that’s very catchy featuring mens and boys choir along with Rabbi Brazil. Mendi Jerufi continues it.

Rating 8/10


Intro leads into mens choir and leads into this relaxing song. Rabbi Brazil continues and eventually the song picks up the pace with a moderate frielach.

Rating 8/10

Hashem Oz

Introduced by Ephriam Mendelson and it does sound like a song that MBD would have sang back in the day. This frielach can certainly get stuck in your head.

Rating 8/10

Synopsis: I actually enjoyed this album more than Ohad or Shwekey. The songs are well written, easy to sing along with and have a lot of soul to them. Although some of the sounds are a bit retro there is something to be said about bringing it back. My hats off to Suki for putting in the extra effort in these arrangements.


Anonymous said...

I actually have this album. The fast song I'm really hooked on is Barchenu, and the slow song I really like is Sabenu.The arrangements are amazing on this album!!

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Definitely one of the better albums out right now.

Unknown said...

I so adore this album and Rabbi Shmuel Brazil music ,He is genius ! I always listen him and Regesh on Jewish musicstream Radio in TuneIn!
Thanks so much