Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Frum Women Fighting! Wigs Go Flying!

This story is courtesy of vosizneias. I have heard some crazy stories out of Brooklyn but this eats the cake:

Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY - A 50-year-old woman assaulted a 21-year-old woman and swiped her wig off her head.The argument, which took place at East 32nd Street became heated and the older woman threatened to kill the woman, then she struck the victim in the face, and snatched the wig off her head, she finally knocked the woman to the ground and fled.The victim filed a police report and when cops busted her at her East 21st Street home, she was wearing her victim's wig.She was charged with assault, menacing, robbery and grand larceny.


Anonymous said...

its a shame on shlomah shamos for posting this story on vos iz neias and its a sham on you for copying that, this young 21 year old woman is my family, and the stuff that was done to her is enough inhuman, you don't have to put salt on our wounds.

shame on you.

a close family member.


Anonymous said...

Moshe, please even without Vos Is Nois and JB this story would have been passed around and spread like fire throughout the Jewish community.

Her name hasn't been published, and especially if she didn't anything wrong, you should be happy the story is out. People will now know that they can't act like animals because everyone will know about it and it will be a horrible embarrassment.

As for the young woman, if she didn't do anything wrong then why is this putting salt into her wounds?

You obviously subscribe the old school of Jewish thought denial, denial, denial, if no one talks about it then it didn't happen.

chugibugi said...

you guys are all nuts
just read this story in two newspapers,both women were blacks
and one of them was arested

Anonymous said...

What an embarrassment!

AS said...

blacks you say? we have some interesting comments in this thread....