Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Interrigation Interview of BagelBlogger!

As promised here is the interview with that bagel icon of the century: Bagelblogger!For those of you who have missed my other recent JBlogger interviews they include Life-of-Rubin and SerandEZ.

JBM: What made you decide to go with the name BagelBlogger....what is the meaning behind it, if any...

BagelBlogger:Unorthodox Jew was taken, .. yes really.I wanted something that was memorable, unique but 'Jewish'.Its funny but when you finally get to wanting to try blogging, you register at some web address and the first question is: What is the name of your blog? Well; ' I don't know I haven't thought about a name yet', seemed a bit long winded so I was eating a Bagel and the rest followed.

JBM: What is life like as a Jew in Australia? If you could live somewhere else where would it be?

BagelBlogger: I have no doubt that being Jewish in Australia is a lot easier than in the vast majority of countries. Australia is quite multi cultural, and despite some racism the vast majority of Australians will judge you on your contribution. On what you actually are rather than some kind of perceived abstract. Australians generally really do give one another a 'fair go'.I'm converting so I'm not really qualified to provide a great deal of insight into being a observant Jew in Australia. Thou I have notice reading your blog and others that we don't have any where near the access and product range as American Jews do to Kosher food.

I want to eventually move to Israel. But I must admit, I wish it was more conducive to raising my girls, from a security point of view. From my point of view the Wall needs to be 3 times higher and 10 times wider. But then don't get me started there.Sometimes I think it would be inspiring to move to a location that had a previous large Jewish population and pick up the baton. There's something I've been thinking about, it troubles me to see Jewish grave sites left to ruin due to the Shoah and remaining populations moving away. Sometimes I think it would be inspiring to be involved in reclaiming the 'centuries of history' that were extinguished so callously.

There was a project on the web a few years ago some major Synagogues that were destroyed were 'virtually' brought back to life, I wish it wasn't just 'virtually'.I'm not always practical in my dreams, if I had my way every single Jewish grave site would be brought back to Jerusalem. A rather impractical and costly exercise for a nation still finding its feet, but that's how I feel.Now what was the question again?

JBM:Your all time favorite Jblogger would be?

BagelBlogger: That's a Tough question.There are so many good blogs out there.
Some one who flies under the radar somewhat. Elder of Ziyon. He writes well, and he reads a lot.I also like Jameel, [The Muqata] but don't tell him or else he'll get an even bigger head.

I like Meryl Yourish also, but I wish she'd feed her cats and put them out for a while. [that should be suitable bait..]My blogroll features many great Jblogs, I recommend any of them except, SimplyJews and that 'Snoopy the Hoon' guy, I have no idea why he's on my blogroll, it must be a Jewish conspiracy.Actually, I like a lot of Jbloggers, its so hard because I would love to read every bloggers thoughts, but it would take a life time to really read just one day of blogger thoughts.I'm not particularly fond of ' Guru' blogs, blogs that seem to thrive on visitors but never actually ever reciprocate.

I also admire those bloggers who seem to just keep blogging, putting their thoughts out there, but not getting the traffic they deserve. I won't mention any in particular. But there's a few who seem to write really well yet seem to get so little traffic. I'm somewhat of an extrovert, to my chagrin/ I need comments, I need people. I wish I was more 'centered' {not self centered thou, I feel it can be a weakness to ' depend on comments or approval.'I wish I could write my blog, put it into a bottle and cast it into a ocean.(Edit note: [see picture provided])

JBM:Who does all those bagel cartoons?Some one, who needs to spend less time blogging. No I do, I'm a Graphic Designer in a very remote rural community that due to economic depression doesn't really need a Graphic Designer. [Don't ask why I moved here, ...something about a sea change gone horribly wrong]I have a saying about the town that's closest to where I live. [Rarely visited]. It's a one horse, two head and third wife town. [That's the kind version]

I try to get design work on line, but it can be slow sometimes. Hence my blog is a creative outlet until I move to Sydney next year.

JBM: What do you like most about your blog?

BagelBlogger:My links to other blogs. Despite my blog growing and developing it really is just a home page of 'my favorite links'.I also like my My Mr Bagel character. My wife looks at me funny but one day there will be a Mr Bagel on every ones computer desk. He really is a likable guy, he's vulnerable, some what fragile but strong, and always hoping for better.

JBM: What is the best post you ever wrote?

BagelBlogger:I haven't written my best hopefully, I've got a way to go.I'm fairly proud of : The Gaza Beach Accident, An Essay in Accuracy

Probably the best post I've ever written is one that's is so far unwritten. It's about taking back ownership of the word 'Jew'. I don't like that it is used by elements of society as a disparaging remark, that we seem to avoid its use because of 'contextual baggage'. Basically, I'm a Jew. We're Jews, and the Jews have a lot to be proud of. Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, there.

JBM: How did you discover the BLOG?

Bagel Blogger:Trying to learn more about being Jewish, I surfed the web, and at first I was dismissive of 'personal blogs', now upon reflection and experience I think Blogs taken with balance are far more 'realer' than anything provided commercially.I suppose its an sensibility that everything is subjective, at least with bloggers most don't hide it, rather than media outlets who hide it through a sanitised 'objective veneer'.

JBM:Are you married and if so does your wife blog too?

BagelBlogger:Yes and Yes and if I wasn't so open to accusations of bias I would say Baleboosteh is my most favorite blog, but then that's probably why were together.. We have three beautiful girls, the eldest wants a blog so bad! She's 6 years old.

JBM: Do you even eat bagels?

BagelBlogger:Considering my main character is a Mr Bagels that's a tough one. Lets just say staff turn over is a worry.

JBM:What impresses you most about the JBlogosphere?

BagelBlogger:The saying about two Jews three opinions. That is so wrong!It should be Two Jews , six opinions.I suppose the passion other Jewish people have for their chosen topic/s. I like stimulation, you get that reading Jewish blogs.

JBM:How did you come up with your current template for your blog?

BagelBlogger:Trial and error. I suppose my blog has gone through about four major changes already. Its hard to get something you like, because I suffer from 'I want this too', my blog isn't friendly to people on dial up modems. But I figure, you have to aim somewhere and I like rich content.

JBM:What's the funniest comment you ever received ?

BagelBlogger:It appeared on my 'Bagel Chat' box: sucky blog Asad murders your sucky blog:
Hi Oriental, let me guess you're Muslim? Peace to You to!


Ezzie said...

Another good interview.

It's funny - Aaron/BagelBlogger is pretty funny when he writes, but his cartoons are really clever and really funny. There's something about the comic medium that he's got, much like DryBones.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Good analogy :)

A Simple Jew said...

I never realized that you were married to Baleboosteh.

Good interview as always, Jewish Blogmeister!

Jewish Blogmeister said...

I always thoguht he was but I had to ask to be certain....

PsychoToddler said...

Great job. And good choice of subject.

Bagel Blogger is a fascinating guy who came out of nowhere and is suddenly everywhere and yet somehow still enigmatic.

Best part about him is he's Not Another New York Jew(TM).

I also figured he was married to Baleboosteh. Either that or all of Australia is about to become Jewish.

Jack's Shack said...

Ok, you can count me in on the list of people who didn't realize that you two are married.

Now that I think about it, it really does make sense.

Good interview, I enjoyed it.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

psycho...Am I supposed to take offense there..I live in LI though :)

PsychoToddler said...

That's even worse!

Jewish Blogmeister said...


Anonymous said...

Great interview, great blogS. Now there's another blog I'm hooked onto (krechts)...

Barbara said...

Great interview...

Really put a schmear on that Bagel.

My oldest is 9/12 and she wants a blog too. OY!

Shabbat Shalom.