Sunday, December 17, 2006

Get your Jewish Hero Trading Cards...

I came across this interesting article on Jewish Super heroes. Maybe this could become a new trend instead of trading gedolim cards? What kind of super powers do these heroes have? Minyan Man turns into 10 men if needed, Menorah Man can grow as many as eight arms and shoot flames from each of them, Shabbas Queen uses something that looks like a Hitachi magic wand to disable mechanical objects on the Sabbath, Magen David has an impenetrable centuries-old shield that contains "an arsenal of creative weaponry" (Guilt? Self-deprecating humor?)Yarmulke Youth, also known as the Kippah Kid, is a capped crusader with a belt full of trick yarmulkahs that can morph into anything from a radio to a parachute to a bulletproof shield.

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