Friday, November 10, 2006

Coming to the 5 Towns This Shabbos:Mosholu Rebbe

I got the following email stating that the Mosholu Rebbe would be staying this shabbos in the 5 Towns. I believe I have found the correct picture of him(left) and here is the following email discussing his arrival:

The Rebbe's arrival this Shabbos, Parshas Vayeira, presents a rare opportunity to meet with a unique individual who is visiting our community. Many may well recall the exhilarating shabbos spent with the Mosholu Rebbe in the previous year. The memory of that Shabbos brings along with it many pleasant recollections. Even if you do not ordinarily"seek out Rebbes," we encourage you to meet this special individual, the Mosholu Rebbe.

On this note, it is with much anticipation that we invite you to join the Mosholu Rebbe for an inspiring and uplifting Shabbos.

Kabolas Shabbos with the Rebbe will be at the new Rabbi Elisha Horowitz's Shul, 18 Causeway Street.The Rebbe will be conducting an inspiring "tisch" on Friday night at thehome of Mr. and Mrs. Edelman, 49 Lawrence Ave.The Rebbe's "tisch" is always a moving and heart-warming experience.Imbued with chassidishe nigunim and the Rebbe's profound Divrei Torah,the "tisch" will emanate an aura of kedusha and a genuine Oneg Shabbos.The Tefilas Shachris with the Rebbe will be at Rabbi Gruber's Shul, and Shalosh Seudes will be at the Agudah, 1121 Sage Street. Chassidim will be coming along to enhance the shabbos.Due to the considerable feedback and requests, private meetings with the Rebbe will be set up via appointment only.

Please call: 516-668-7008 to schedule an appointment.

We look forward to greeting you personally.


FrumWithQuestions said...

Do you know his name? Is he an American made Rebbe from the Bronx or was there a town called Mosholu in Europe? You haven't visited in a while.

AS said...

My understanding is he is Rabbi Asher Mordechai Rosenbaum, the present Mosholu Rebbe of Boro Park but I could be wrong as to who the email is referring to.