Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Miami Boys Choir: A World Record

This may not be a fair record since they are one of the oldest choirs to date. I don't recall choir that had more of it's alumni recording their own solo albums. I recently stumbled upon one that I never heard of: Gavriel Kahane. His album is entitled "Guide Us Home". I wonder what kind of list I would be able to put together. You could theoretically start with Yaakov Shwekey but I think he was in it for a few months at the most so perhaps we can't start with him. One of the first members to record his own solo album would be Ophie Nat. Another member who has probably had the most success to date is Ari Goldwag. The truth is some of the Alumni members with the better voices never released any albums such as Jonathan Paley or Yakov Rosenblatt.


The Town Crier said...

Yisroel Williger???

Mindy said...

Yitzhock ROsenthal, Yaakov Rosenblatt, Nachman Seltzer, Gili Houpt, Yitzy Spinner, Eric Stern, Nochum Stark, Michoel Pruzansky, to name a few.

Mindy said...

Rosenblatt was on 2 albums actually. On a Regesh-style album and on a group album he was on. There are many more names but I can't recall them all at the moment.

a couple of recent boys are also child soloists on other albums- yossi schick, benny Rishty, Simcha Koch.

Oh, and "Shalom" Jonathan Morgenstern was also in Miami.

The Town Crier said...

Yitzchok Rosenthal is pretty successful wiith his music.
What abou Nochum (Nathan) Stark?
What about all those miami boys who went on to group albums?

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Yitzchok Rosenthal is not a solo artist and that's what I was discussing.Morgensten is as well as Nachmun Seltzer. Yisroel Williger never sang in a concert with Miami, as a child he was brought in as a solist for one song on one album.