Monday, March 20, 2006

Lipa says goodbye to his old vocal coach.....

My brother pointed out something to me the other day. I don't own any of Lipa's albums so I never would have noticed I mface my remarks by telling you that there are 2 vocal coaches that many Jewish orthodox vocalists have used over the years. Both of these "trainers" are located in Boro Park and niether ( at least to my knowledge) have any kind of musical degree. Perhaps you could ccnsider them "heimeshe" vocal coaches. The problem is that vocal training is not like say, piano lessons. If you take piano lessons and learn nothing you only, wasted time and money. The wrong vocal coach can harm your voice and you may be worse off then before you started. I personally went for a few lessons to one of these "heimshe" coaches and was very unimpressed and stoped. Lipa says goodbye to his old "heimeshe" vocal coach in the credits of his latest release and says hello to his new coach "Dr. William (Bill) Riley". I had taken lessons with Riley when I was much younger and he certainly knows his music. Not to mention that he himself is an opera singer and is credited with coaching the likes of Celine Dion (and perhaps Whitney Houston and Faith Hill also). Looks like Lipa's getting smart and supposedly sounds a lot better and his latest recording.

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Yitzchak said...

im looking for information on how to schedule lessons with this vocal coach Dr William Riley (or his wife Lisa which i heard Yeedle goes to.) can you email me with that info at
Thanks and you have a great blog!