Thursday, January 26, 2006

Using a Jewish concert as a fundraiser...

Those of you that have read the latest posts by BloginDM know about the upcoming concert taking place in Brooklyn College this upcoming Sunday. The concert will be featuring Psachya Septimus- a very well known keyboard/piano player who is very talented. I've had the pleasure of singing with him on many occasions. I'm really happy to see he is getting his name out there. I do however have a hard time understanding what exactly the fundraiser was thinking in promoting this concert. The singers involved are not well known and certainly will not draw the crowds of even the likes of Shlomie Dachs or Williger. Perhaps they are banking on Psachya's name as a draw, the problem is his name is more popular with musicians than wedding attendees. I'm afraid this whole fundraiser may lose some substantial money. Renting out Brooklyn College and the advertising can cost a substantial amount of money. I'll be suprised if they can get it even halfway full. I do of course hope I'm wrong and it is a great sucess. If you are looking to get out this Sunday this would be a good venue.


The Town Crier said...

Let's hear it for talented people with small names!
Psachya is great, no reason he shouldnt be an appreciated star. (Seen him countless times on the simcha bandstand, and know him from his days as a fixture at NCSY events)
Perhaps the promoters were banking on the talents' popularity within their own commnuties and giving people who want to fund the mikvah anyway a chance to hear something that isnt willigerdax. Either way, there have been other shows liek this in the past that have used the whitman auditorium and passed by the major radar due to the lack of name recognition.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Where they successful? Because if not what's the point? At least froma fundraising perpesctive.