Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Matisyahu and his beard

Just in time for X-Mas. Matisyahu has donated his beard guessed it.... Santa! That's right folks...Santa burnt his beard while going down a chimney and Matisyahu felt obligated to help the dude out. Cut it out, you say (pun intended)? Well it's hysterical how much publicity Matisyahu is garnering due to simply removing  his facial hair. It has the Jews up in a tizzy.  Is he still religious anymore? Did he become a misnagid? Will he still be doing reggae? Was this all a scam for him to sell a lot of records? Did he now join the Maccabeats? These are just a sample of the questions out there and there is no end to the amount of articles that are being written on this topic. The bottom line is: time will tell what Matisyahu will end up as. He says he is looking to "reclaim himself" and that his whole hassidic get up was simply part of  some rules to hold him together so as not to "fall apart". I say he can have the same chance as anyone to find a part of yidishkiet where he feels comfortable. Let's see where this goes....

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