Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Move Over Miami Boys Choir, Here Comes NY!

The Info: The New York Boys Choir under the direction of Yitzy Bald is proud to present their knockout debut album. This is the same Yitzy Bald who brought us hit albums like LeGabay, Pruzbul, Mendy Wald’s first two albums (Sameach & Lechaim) and even stellar hits for both MBD and Avraham Fried and many more. Now Yitzy is making the transition from solo artists to choirs. The only way Yitzy saw that as being possible, was for him to direct the choir himself. Hence the NYBC was created. What to expect? As Yitzy says “Let the album speak for itself”. It will be like no other choir out there to date. The album features 12 brand new Yitzy Bald compositions that were composed and arranged specifically for this amazing choir. So this Purim its time to welcome the new choir on the block, the New York Boys Choir.

My Take:Yitzy is  very talented both as a song writer and musician/arranger. I'm really looking forward to hearing this album even though I don't typically listen to choir albums much.If he plays his cards right, NYBC can be the next MBC after Yerachmiel Begun retires. 


musicluver said...

MY TAKE--He still needs much more experience to catch up to Yerachmiel Begun. As much as he has conducted choirs in Camp Agucdah, Yitzy Bald was never seen as a real stage performer. I saw his first concert (then known as the Yitzy Bald Boys Choir) and I almost laughed really hard.

Who knows? Maybe I'll be suprised after the next performance. I still can't figure out how he's gonna be able to juggle being a rebbe and working on a choir simultaniously.

Anonymous said...

To musicluver: I am a member of NYBC, and then, we were not at all professional there a 6 kids in the choir now(including me) from back then. We had a point where we began to improve, starting with this: (My solo) and ending with this:,
Now we have gone to THIS level,

-NYBC member

musicluver said...

Not bad. That's only one song. Lets see how far NYBC will go with complex coreography. Even YBC hasn't reached MBC's level yet in that regard.

Anonymous said...

To musicluver: We're gettin' there. Our new choreographer Tzvika Borenstien is really whupping us into shape. We're gonna do this!