Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Preparing for the Fast- Tisha B'av

Fasting is something one can prepare for to ensure they are better equipped to handle this tragic day of mourning. To learn more about Tisha B'av click here for audio and video. some important things I have read to prepare for a fast:

1) Keep hydrated: drink plenty of fluids and preferably water.
2) Nosh: The day before the fast try eat something every 2 hrs or so
3) No Salt! No Caffeine :as they make you thirsty and less hydrated
4) Don't overeat before the fast: this will not help you be less hungry the next day
5) Don't eat heavy foods:Food stuck in your stomach may upset you tomorrow.
6) Eat foods with water: watermelon, grapes etc. (are like time release water capsules?)
7) Before the fast eat filling foods with complex carbs: Whole wheat Bread, pasta etc.

Feel free to add ideas!

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