Thursday, June 05, 2008

Favorite Listings: Shops, Grocery, Restaurants etc..

I think to some extent everyone has their favorite places to go purchase anything. I'd like to share some of my favorite locations and I hope you can do the same in the comments.

Favorite Stores:

Trader Joe's has fantastic kosher foods at fabulous prices. They certainly have unique kosher items that you would have trouble finding anywhere else. Specifically low calorie snacks. I just purchased woven wheat wafers for example: They are much tastier than triscuits and have only 2.5 grams of fat per serving ( 8 crackers) with 3 grams of fiber. Any kind of soy based kosher product will most likely be less costly at this store.

Walmart:Where else can you find so many things i.e. clothing, car care products, grocery, baby products etc. under one roof and not have to worry about being ripped off?

Bass and Bass Outlet:Go during one of their sales and get fantastic prices on shirts, shoes and other accessories. You can get Rockport type comfort and style at a fraction of the cost.

Daffy's:I have only frequented their location in Manhasset. I managed to find suits for $130 which were super 150's and made in Italy. I have owned more expensive suits but these got me the most compliments. They also have a nice selection of shirts and sports wear. Depending on the time of year and demand the stock will vary, so it's probably best to try back in a week or 2 if you don't see what you are looking for.

Old Navy: They have a great assortment of children's clothing at a great value. Get on their email list to be notified about upcoming sales as well as coupon savings.

The Children's Place: Really cute clothes at great prices during their sales. Never buy anything at full price since everything is usually discounted within a couple of weeks or use a coupon from their email list which can be combined during a sale for even greater savings.

Michael's:If you live in Brooklyn you may never have even heard of it. Michael's is an Arts and Crafts store and it's big! You could probably get lost in some of the locations. Anything to do with art or craft is in this store. My wife purchased these stencils with paint and decorated the entire basement into a children's playroom and it looks fantastic. Many of thier stores offer birthday party rooms where a child and their friends can participate in creating something they can decorate their room with.

Bagel Store:Bagel Boss: Besides making a great bagel,the Bagel Boss Plate is a deal you can't beat: Bagel, 2 eggs, coffee, juice and home fries: $3.99.

Chinese: Wok Tov has great lunch specials that taste quite good and offer value. ChoSen Village has the best Chinese in NY and has nice ambiance as well. My wifes boss who isn't even religious eats there on business lunches, he loves it so.

Steakhouse:Abigail's is my favorite steakhouse in NY. They offer a great steak and they get it right every time. The service is quite good as is the ambiance.

Pizza: This is a hard one since there are so many of them. For a while David's was a favorite and then I move to Shula's which I also enjoyed. Hunki's still makes the best garlic knots. Ej's Too is one of the nicer pizzeria establishments in Long Island.

Ice Cream: Coldstone Creamery. If you think that Carvel is great, you have been missing out.
Coldstone Creamery although a bit pricier offers a whole other level of an ice cream experience. For starters whereas toppings are usually pre made i.e. cookie crumbs. At Coldstone they take the cookie and crush it for you right there. Want peanut butter in your ice cream: they'll take it fresh and mix it in! Not all locations are kosher so check with your local rabbi. If you are looking for another ice cream parlor that offers great ice cream with a different style try Max & Minas.
They have some of the funkiest flavors you will find anywhere and a truly fun experience.

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