Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kosher Restaurant Review: EJ's Too, Dairy Restaurant

West Hempstead, Long Island is currently home to about 1000 religious orthodox Jewish families. Unfortunately it never fared very well in the way of restaurants. Many eateries have come and gone and there are only 2 that have been a mainstay: Wing Wan (kosher chinese) and Hunkis Pizza. You can imagine my surprise when I saw a sign for a dairy restaurant in the neighborhood. This new restaurant I refer to is EJ's too, located on Hempstead Ave right next to I & DGlatt. The great thing about this new establishment is that they are open later ( Till 12 AM Sat. nights) than Hunkis ever was. Hunkis isn't even open Sat. Nights after Passover, so that is a welcome change for the community. EJ's too is a offspring of Ej's Pizza in Teaneck owned by Elliot Rosenfeld. They went all out on the decor and space for this new establishment. Ej's too is by far one of the best looking kosher pizza stores you will find in Long Island. They feature a full salad bar and plenty of seating space to accommodate even the largest crowds (and they are getting them too). Ej's offers a nice selection of different pizzas as well as pasta dishes. Prices are reasonable: regular slices are $2, pasta dishes are $4.50 for sides and $6.50 as a main. I sampled a regular slice and thier garlic knots( 25 cents each). The garlic knots were a nice size but they lacked enough garlic flavor and should have been a bit oilier. The pizza was not bad: nice amount of cheese and the sauce although not my favorite was pretty good. It looks like the neighborhood is standing behind this new restaurant and many of the younger kids seems to like it as well. They are starting a special for Monday nights where pies are just $9.99. That will certainly capture a lot of interest I'm sure. Ej's too is set to be the next hotspot of West Hempstead and I think even some 5- Towners may start frequenting this new dairy restaurant.

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