Monday, May 05, 2008

The Prime Grill Closes: Another one Bites the Dust

LOS ANGELES: Like NY in LA restaurants come and go. The Prime Grill was hoping to be different bring it's NY hotness to LA to show them what they have been missing. After being opened for only a year rumors started to circulate that they were going under. They were to be in good company as Mamash, an Asian fusion restaurant, was closing in less than a year from it's opening. People were wondering what it took to run a restaurant in LA. The rumors were being quelled by it's manager showing how the restaurant was readjusting it's pricing and menu. Unfortunately this idea was not enough and since February The Prime Grill has been closed claiming on their voice mail :"The Prime Grill regrets to inform that due to rainwater damage from the recent storms, we will be temporarily closed." now that the phone line is disconnected entirely it is fair to assume we have seen the last Prime Grill in LA. The question then becomes what caused them to drown? Was it the high overhead, outsider status, menu pricing, market saturation or lack of catering business?

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