Monday, May 19, 2008

Kosher Meat: Shortages? Price Increase?

Recent reports show that even though Agriprocessor aka Rubashkin is shut down due to current investigations, there is no kosher meat shortage...yet. I've been told by someone at the OU that there is enough meat in their current storage for a years supply. The problem will arise should the owners of the nations largest kosher meat suppliers be indicted and end up behind bars. Who can possibly pick the slack should the plant shut down indefinitely? The answer is: nobody. Even Empire who has recently cut it's production of poultry could not possibly make up the lack of kosher beef . You may be seeing some serious kosher meat shortages as well as price increases if something is not put in place should this court battle go south.


Six Month Malkie said...

Maybe it's just the cynic in me, but I expect to see prices rise, whether the shortage is real or imagined.

hesh said...

First the $3 pizza now this- what will Jews do for fun if they can't afford to eat out.

On a side note- we had talked long ago about you interviewing me- I am still waiting- unless it was bagel blogger- I still think it was you.

Anonymous said...

Ain Simcha Eleh B'yayin.
This means that according to halacha, since the churban, when it says simcha on the shalosh regalim, it means wine and not meat. You can live without meat, it is not such a terrible thing.