Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Drugs and Weapons at Agriprocessor?!

As if things weren't bad enough, the latest news on the Federal investigation into the nation largest meat plant: Agripocessor, is that drugs were being manufactured there by employees! They are also claiming that employees carried weapons to work. Hey, if you are manufacturing drugs you need to protect them right? I mean what do these feds want from them? Let's see if any of these allegations are true...waiting for the final word.

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hesh said...

You know Mr Blogmesiter- I was in Postville this summer on a solo road trip to Montana and let me tell you- I wouldn't want those people in my town. They took a perfectly nice nondescript town in the middle of nowhere and while boosting up the economy they brought in illegal immigrants and Boro Park driving attitudes.

I did attend a bris that served chicken wings in the morning though.

weren't we supposed to do an interview of some sort?