Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rabbi Ovadi Yosef Speaks Out on Kol Koreh

Shlager speaks out about the kol koreh that banned "The Big Event". Menachum Toker writes an open letter to Lipa Schmeltzer telling him not cave into pressure from other Rabbis. "If your Rabbi said it's ok", said toker then you should perform. Caving into this idea of not performing will eventually lead children to find "other" outlets for entertainment. Another article discusses Rabbi Ovadia Yosef giving his approval to Shwekey to perform in concerts and called him Ne'em Zemirot Yisroel: a term that was used to describe the beauty of Dovid Hamelch's songs. MBD also says that if Rabbi Ovadia says he can perform, that's good enough for him: has MBD turned Sefardic?

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Anonymous said...

There is no problem here...and most Sefradic Rabanim know the difference and will pasken based on who is asking.

My family is not sefard but our rav is and he always knows how to pasken according to our halacha.