Friday, April 11, 2008

Free Jewish Music Download: AKA Pella

Here is a free sample of the AKA Pella's latest release :Adaptations which is already available online and should be in stores this Monday. I hope top preview this album in the near future so stay tuned....


Leah Rahlger said...

Beautiful artwork!Really stunning

Anonymous said...

hope the songs are as nice as the cover

Eli Kunstler said...

This album is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!
(In a good way)
I just got the last 2 copies from Eichler's.
All I have to say is this.Freaking amazing.

Moshe Rappaport said...

CD Sold out in Eichler's.
Amazing album.
The whole dorm is gonna rock.
Genius chap.Better than the second better than the first.
Incredible.Love it.

The kid solo on the choir song is unreal!!!