Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pretty funky cover for a Jewish album. It will be in stores
very shortly in time for sefira. If you didn't read it I had
done a review on their last album.


YK said...

Wow!! Marvelous cover

You know if they've new songs or if it's oldies again?


Shimmy Messing said...

Yeah it is an awesome cover.
They always do killer artwork.
The fire in the eye with the reflection of the bais hamikdash for their single Umacha was brilliant.

Anywhoo,I saw an ad in one of the local papers in NY(you're in Israel YK right?)which gave description of the album and the theme etc.
It's secualr songs that have jewish lyrics to them, many of which match the theme of the english tune.Hence the title Adaptation.It's supposed to be a really eclectic mix of songs rock pop, slow songs, an english song, something about children which apparently is supposed to be quite a production and I believe Elchonon Majesky who wrote Nar Hayisi and Raninu also wrote a new tune for this album.Also it mentioned Elimelech Blumstein wrote,or had something to do with one of the tunes.I'd be intersted to hear that.
He's got a hot hand of late with Gabay and all.
P.S. can your wife teach my wife to speak Yiddish?

Jewish Blogmeister said...


Thanks for the scoop I know Elchonon for many years and he's certainly talented. Perhaps in the future we will see his name associated with other artists as well.

Carol Frayger said...


Marc Tzemach said...

These guys are very talented!I am quite impressed. The Nar Hayisi Song was redone on the KNC album and I really can't tell that they added music!
They do a terrific job with the harmonies and the vocal drums and effects are superb.