Monday, January 21, 2008

Jewish Music Insider: The 8th Note

Sameach Music gives you the inside scoop on this mega-star album release: The 8th Note.

Make sure to tune into tomorrows Podcast to hear the world exclusive premiere of Yossi Green's "The 8th Note."

This album will feature 13 brand new songs from the most popular composer in Jewish music. This production will redefine the standards for Jewish music. The CD was produced by the incomparable Yossi Tyberg (MBD's EF'SHAR LETAKEN, SHLOIME GERTNER.)

There will be 13 tracks on the CD, featuring many of the most popular Jewish artists of our generation. Avraham Fried, MBD, Lipa singing a brand new Yiddish song with music composed by Yossi Green and lyrics written by Lipa Schmeltzer. Also on the album will be one of the hottest singers in Israel, Chaim Yisroel.

AKA Pella will be singing the title track "The 8th Note" an English song composed by Yossi. This song will feature AKA Pella and Yossi singing an unforgettable duet. Shloime Gertner, Ohad, Cantor Yitzchok Meir Helfgot, Lev Tahor and Mo Kiss are all also singing one song each on this album.

This CD will be out very soon. Stay tuned to Sameach Music website for further details including the debut of the album cover and an official demo sampler. Make sure to come back here on Wednesday to download the Sameach Music Podcast to hear the debut of one of the songs from this album.


Shimmy said...

I'm real excited to hear what A.K.A Pella sounds like with Music!If they sound so good without music I wonder what they'll sound like with instruments.
I'm a big fan of the group and have wished that they would try and album with instruments like Lev Tahor did.
They do such teriffic harmony.

Shloime said...

He shoulda gotten Yitzy Spinner to sing on this album. Anyone who knows anything about Jewish music knows that he is the best performer out there. Bar none!

Anonymous said...

Shloime, as you can see from the line up, the album only has PROFESSIONALS singing on it...

Anonymous said...

What you got againdt spinner?
Ther's a guy out there with a blog who defends him vociferously, so don't be too negative on him otherwise you'll wind up with a whole lotta hate!
Anywhoo I too am looking forward to this album.
Greens a genius, tyberg's got the hot hand and there are a coupla hot moves on this album that are ecxiting like Helfgot singing a Green Tune, Lipa which is always a good time, A.K.A Pella with music, and Chaim Yisrael who's like the biggest thing in Israel.