Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kosher Food: Hot Vending Machines!

I was in Monsey for the holiday weekend. After entering a nearby 7-11 I couldn't believe my eyes.There standing in front of me was a kosher hot vending machine, incredible! There were two of them one for meat the other dairy. You could buy hot dogs or mozzarella sticks. 7-11 was even offering a free big gulp with every purchase. I think you will be seeing more of these "hot-nosh vending machines" around especially in places were kosher food is hard to come by such as airports etc. The NYT has the scoop on this new kosher revolution.


Anonymous said...

Is it worth a trip out to Monsey?

Anonymous said...

Definitely! I had the mozarella sticks and they were good! They also had choices of hot pizza, onion rings and knishes!
It was totally fun.