Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vocalist of the Year Winner: Yonatan Razel

Yonatan Razel has been voted "vocalist of the year' by Ynet voters. After a week of voting he is the first alternative Jewish vocalist to have won. Interestingly enough he just passed his brother Aron for this winning spot. Yonatan Razel who finally released ‘All in All’, his first album, after many years of expectations even made history when the song appeared on the prestigious playlist of Army Radio. He attended the award ceremony where he was told that not only was he vocalist of the year but that his song "Zion" (Love will come out of Zion) had been selected as the song of the year. He came to the stage where he performed the winning song to the sound of cheers and applause from the audience.

In the category of songs inspired by Jewish sources, readers chose Od Yeshama by Adi Ran from his collaborative album with Srulik Hirshtik and the Five Voices Band. The Moshav Band took the honors in the genre of non-Hebrew music with their album "Misplaced". The band has recently signed or contract with Sony Records. The biggest surprise of the night was no doubt the Ynet music award for best band which went to Red Heifer who won despite the fact that they have not had much media exposure.

Here is a clip of Yontan Razel:

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