Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Nazis in India?

Well not exactly but antisemitism is everywhere even in India where a line of bedspreads entitled the NAZI collection was discovered. The brochure featured swastikas and the promoters attempt at PC was that NAZI stood for "New Arrival Zone of India". Thankfully after some protest by the Indian Jewish Federation the name was removed. India is not unfamiliar with this form of hatred.
Last year, a restaurant in Mumbai -- home to around 5,000 of the total 6,000 Jews in India -- changed its name from "Hitler's Cross" following similar complaints.

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Rangde said...

Indian jews are not stupid, they know when someone is brandishing Swastika as a Nazi symbol and when its being displayed as a Hindu religious symbol.

There are billions and billions of Swastikas in India, my own house has at least 20-25 of them(yeah I counted). I can swear it on my mom that you can find more Swastikas in India than you can find Crosses in America.

Similarly, the restaurant being shut down was clearly making a Nazi statement, and not displaying a simple swastika.