Wednesday, October 31, 2007

McCain:Trying to Score with Jewish Voters

Presidential hopeful Senator McCain, threw his hat into the Israeli peace process while speaking at the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. He stated that any peace process must be handled step-by-step. He smartly pointed out:I’m not sure frankly how you, how you deal with Hamas. If they’re dedicated to your extinction it’s hard to sit down and negotiate with somebody that says we’re going to destroy you." It's good to know that on some level McCain seems to grasp some of the big hurdles the peace process poses. Although he scored points with the group, he didn't quite measure up to the tough talking Rudy Guiliani:They respect (McCain) and they appreciate him, but I have to imagine, it’s not, it’s not like love in the room in the same way that it would be for Guiliani” said Ami Eden, a journalist with a Jewish wire service.

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Anonymous said...

he was just caught with paid banner campaign ads on israeli extremist websites