Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Diet Sodas: Make You Fat?

As we are in the diet mode, I look a bit more closely at low fat and low calorie foods. That's why when a study claiming that perhaps diet soda may lead to weight gain my antennas go up (no I'm not an alien). The study is far from perfect in my opinion. There are doctors that are trying to float the idea that diet sodas stimulate appetite and therefore lead to weight gain instead of loss. I'm not really buying that theory and even if it were true, I'm not sure ALL diet sodas do that. There is little question that water is better than diet drinks but perhaps diet 7 up or sprite without all the extra chemicals is an improvement over higher sodium, caffeine etc. you find in other diet soft drinks.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe so. But I believe that atrificial sweetners cause some sort of chemical reaction to slow fat loss. I do not drink diet soda but i have experimented with protien shakes that i take post workout and before bed. I find that when I use blends with sucralose or splenda that my fat loss is slowed. It is not because of an increase in appetite (i am very particular as to what and how much i eat). I cannot prove my thoery but i dont need to. I see the difference. I would stick with water.