Friday, June 08, 2007

Auto-Tuning and Jewish Music

BloginDm has a long post in which one of the topics discussed is that of the Auto-Tune. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the process: a singer who sings out of pitch can have those notes corrected by this technology. I'm certainly no expert on the subject of auto tune. I've been told by an engineer that it's used incorrectly quite often and in a different way than the one described in DM's post. Many times when using auto-tune to correct the tuning of the vocalist notes the engineer will give your voice an effect that is noticeably different than when you actually DO sing in tune. I'm not referring to the dramatic effect that posts speak of (i.e. Cher etc.) but the lack of understanding in how this technology is used really makes the singer sound bad. Now getting back to DM's post it would be obvious that the producers would vehemently disagree with that person's rant on the dramatic effect usage of auto-tune that would be one l person's opinion and doesn't necessarily reflect that of the masses. I think if used correctly it adds a different dimension of sound and gives a bit more variety. To assume that people think their voice sounds better because of it, is a bit absurd ( but perhaps there are those that do). Do you hate the auto-tune fiend?

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