Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jewish Music in the UK: Rabbis Take the Stage...

Living in the U.S., I know very little about the Jewish Music scene in other countries with the exception of Israel. It's interesting to note ( pun intended?) that 2 orthodox Rabbis have been jazzing up the Jewish Music scene in Manchester.Their names are Rabbi Danny Bergson and Rabbi Mitch Goodman and they are preparing for an upcoming concert June 17th at the Waterside Arts Centre, Sale.

Their sound is a sophisticated mix of rock jazz and traditional Jewish music and Mitch who plays both electric and acoustic guitar has a level of technical proficiency that makes him world class; with Danny's powerful and sublime vocals they are a match well made. Their original arrangements are both soulful and spiritual, and as educators they have infused their music with meaning.

You can sample some of their music here:

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Anonymous said...

These guys are for real! Check out their stuff on YouTube! Two Rabbis rock! Heard good things about their live stuff.

Does anyone know if they are coming to the States?