Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jewish Music Review: Gershon Veroba: Reach Out

I have picked up Gershon Veroba's latest album, Reach Out. I had purchased his last album as well entitled "Turn it Around" and really enjoyed it. This latest release is quite different in many ways from the previous. This album is what can be best described as a "band" album. The CD features Gershon's band, Takana which is compromised of the following musicians: Gal Gershovsky, Tony Montalbo, Bill Nelson, Zvi Lampert and Bobby Shubowitz. Gershon smartly decided to go with many English songs as that is his strong suite. If I could select a genre for this CD it would certainly be classic rock. You can hear many Billy Joel influences and others throughout. My daugther enjoys the first song the most: Bamorom. I enjoyed it as well, although some of my other favorites are a song by Yakov Gifter: Mi Sheososh as well as Ana Avadoh and the last song sung with guest vocalist Sam Glaser,"Across The River". The English songs seem to have a very serious tone to them with the exception of the last one. Overall I really enjoyed the album and my only complaint is the mix. The mix was done on the dry side almost unplugged if you will. I'm not saying you should have tons of reverb everywhere but in certain spots it would have been appropriate. Feel free to listen to clips of this release.

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