Thursday, January 18, 2007

Consumer Reports Messes Up big Time with Car Seats!

Recently I had posted an alarming report on child car seats by consumer reports. I personally changed my car seat because of it. Now through great work of Life-of-Rubin we find the report to be BOGUS! That's right, Consumer Reports messed up and is now going to be retesting and issuing a new report shortly. I'm wondering how many lawsuits will be pending? I for one am extremely upset. I really liked my old car seat better than this new one.


jadedmom said...

You did the right thing. I know it can be very frustrating, but try to think that it is for the best. Maybe your old car seat was damaged and you didn't know, or this one fits in your car much better. Who knows?

Sharlotte said...

Hello, I like your blog very much. I think that it is very important to stand your consumer rights. You never know when and what company is going to offend you and you have to know what to do in case you have some misunderstandings with a retailer or any other company. It is also very useful to read Consumer Reports to get to know other people’s experience in this or that situation.